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Many games are similar to the Wheel of Fortune.

There is no doubt that Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular US game shows. But, how can you play the game if you are not lucky enough to be on the real show? Or if you are from another country?

Here we will tell you how the Wheel of Fortune game can be available to you no matter where you are and no matter when you want to play.

Board Games

Due to the high popularity of the game show Wheel of Fortune, toy companies got the idea of creating a board game based upon the show.

The games were a lot like the original game on the show - they had a wheel, a board, play money and free spin game tokens.

The first board game was created by Milton Bradley in 1975. Game had special prize cards that represented the game prizes.

There were a lot of different versions released up until 2002, when Pressman, who have created 4 game versions, obtained the rights for the home market. These game versions included the Wheel of Fortune game "Disney edition" with a Mickey Mouse - shaped wheel and a "Simpsons edition".

Video Games

In addition to the board games there were lots of video games created on the Wheel of Fortune format. Most of them were for the Playstation, Sega and Nintendo consoles, and there were some for the PC. It is important to note that all the game versions preserved the likeness of the host to the actual host of the game show. All the games were very similar to the original one and players had a chance to feel like they were playing the real game any time they wanted.


Slot machines based upon the Wheel of Fortune game can be recognized at straight away - they all have the game wheel on top. The first and classic Wheel of Fortune slots were three-reeled ones with special game symbols and a "WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!" shout for the biggest prize.

Now, with the invention of video slots, you may find a game with pictures of the hosts, some extra special symbols and other identification related to the Wheel of Fortune.

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