Wild West Slot Game

Howdy! The times of Wild West are back! Feel the atmosphere of Old Texas with temerarious cowboys, fair sheriffs, gun shots, saloons, the smell of gunpowder and sultry prairie playing our themed free slot machine game.

Win up to $50,000 in case you hit 5 barrels with gun powder! Add a multiplier and win fantastic sum of money to your high scores results! Take a trip to the times of tasty whiskey, country music and real Western adventure, and benefit from generous slot features. Rob the bank and fill in your cash bags with a click of the mouse!

Hot Keys

Use Hot Keys to play our free slot machine games. Make sure that your game is active before using Hot Keys.

↑ - lines +; ↓ - lines -;
home - lines max; end - lines min; → - lines bet + ;
← - lines bet +;
page up - lines bet max;
page down - lines bet min;
enter, space - spin/stop/restart;
esc, p - pay table; m - max bet

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