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Slots tournament iis a type of slot game held in a tournament format and played against other players. The main goal of the tournament is to beat other players by winning more than them. Those who do, claim for the top prizes. Slots tournaments are a wonderful opportunity for many players not only to try their luck and see if they know how to play slots, but also to play the game for a small amount of money or absolutely free and claim for big money prizes.

Tournament Rules

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Slot tournaments are good opportunity
to claim for big prizes

As with every other tournament, a slots tournament starts when all the registered participants make a buy-in (entrance fee) of a certain amount. The tournament itself begins on a specific date at a certain hour. As a rule, the players get 1,000 credits or more each for a particular period of time. Slots tournament can last from 30 minutes to several days when played online. When the time is over the slot machines are locked and the players are forbidden to play. During some slots tournaments the players are allowed to stop at any moment or make a re-buy in case they lose their whole stake. So, the rules of slots tournaments are very easy:

  1. Register for a certain tournament.
  2. Make a fixed buy-in.
  3. Play the credits.
  4. Re-buy if needed.
  5. Get paid.

For scheduled tournaments you need only one strategy - play fast. However, some tournaments are not for a set period of time but for a set number of spins. As a rule there are several prizes at any tournament and players that end up winners win a prize which is a part of the whole prize pool.

Basic terms

Buy-in - a fixed amount of money required at the slots tournaments as an entry fee. At most tournaments the overall prize pool is made up of buy-ins paid by all the participants.

Prize pool - the total prize amount that is distributed between the winners. It may be guaranteed or made up of the buy-ins.

Re-buy - an option that allows the player to pay an additional entry fee to continue the tournaments after the player has lost the whole stake.

There are different types of casino slots tournaments held in land and online casinos. Most are scheduled ones, which means that they start at the fixed time. The tournaments are held on special occasions, for example, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, or are regular competitions such as daily, weekly or monthly slots tournaments. So, slot players can take part in these online and offline tournaments:

  • Freerolls are free casino tournaments held in the same way as paid tournaments with only one exception - there are no buy-ins in freerolls. As a rule, the players can get entry to these free slots tournaments as a reward in slots club or as a bonus at an online casino.
  • Invitational tournaments are not open to the public and are held by invitation only. The participants may be loyal players, high-rollers or even new players. Invitational tournaments do not have entrance free or offer a very low buy-in.
  • Satellites are slot tournaments held as a part of bigger slots event. Thus in satellites the players win entries to the next stage of big slots tournament instead of real money prizes.
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    Guaranteed tournaments are the most popular as they have a guaranteed money prize pool while in other tournaments the size of the money prizes depend on the number of participants and the prize pool is made up of all the buy-ins.

So, as you understand the basic differences between all slots tournaments are the size of buy-in or its absence and the ways in which the prize pool is created. If you are going to enter a tournament for the first time we recommend you try competitions with guaranteed prizes. The basic advantage of such events is that you know how much money you can win beforehand. Let's take a look how the pool prize and payouts are calculated in different slots tournaments with, for example, three winning places:

Tournament Places Example

In the example above it is very easy to understand that in guaranteed tournaments all the prizes are fixed while in the slots tournaments offering a prize pool made up of all buy-ins the payouts are expressed as a percentage and can vary depending on the number of contestants. The size of the prize pool can be different and the number of winning places can vary from 3 to 100 or even more.

Most casinos take impressive percentage of the buy-ins as profit, and that is why you should pay attention to the tournament conditions and find out how the prizes are paid. Most tournaments are provided as casino comps and if you want to enter such events you must qualify for the prizes by playing for a certain amount of time or with a certain amount of credits.

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