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Modern online and land casinos offer a great variety of slot games. All slots differ by the number of reels, the paylines, extra features and bonuses. Here we offer to choose a game according to the most popular types of slots. You can try slot games with different number of spinning reels - 3-reel classics, 5-reel or even 7-reel video slots, benefit from bonus slots, win the biggest slot prize at progressive slots or enjoy exclusive animated i-Slots.

3 reel Slots

3-reel slots are considered to be the clas­sic slot games as they are derived from the first one-armed bandit slot machines. 3-reel slots as a rule use classic sym­bols such as cherries, sevens, and bars, though some of modern 3-reel slots are themed.

Online slots with 3 reels are conside­red to be the easiest games because of the small number of sym­bols on the reels. However, they use only up to 5 paylines and rarely offer bonuses.

3-reel "Diamond Mine" Slots by RTG

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5 reel Slots

5-reel video slots are now the most popular with players. They use a bigger number of symbols, paylines and thus have more winning combinations than classic slot games. All 5-reel slots are themed and offer extra bonuses including free spins and bonus games on the reels and second screen.

Although 5-reel slots are considered to be more difficult, they are more interes­ting due to great graphics, high payback and higher maximum wins..

5-reel "Future Fortunes" Slots by Rival

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7 reel Slots

7-reel slots are new slot games offered by online casinos. They have 7 spinning reels, no bonus features or special symbols, and up to 10 paylines which decreases the player's winning chances. However, it is compensated by the smaller number of symbols on the reels than at 5-reel slots.

7-reel slot games are very difficult to win at but if you are looking for something challenging you should try 7-reel slot games.

7-reel "Farming Futures" Slots
by VegasTech

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Progressive Slots

Today progressive slots are the most popular type of slots as they offer the highest money prize - progressive jackpot which increases with every game played and can reach the sum of seve­ral millions. Progressive slots can be both 3-reel classics and 5-reel video slots.

Progressive slots are the most exciting not only due to the high jackpot prizes but the number of extra features (multipliers, wilds) and bonuses.

3-reel "One Million Reels BC" Slots by Rival

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Bonus Slots

Most online slots are bonus games which mean that they provide the player with additional chances to win, these chances include free spins (up to 100 spins for free!), as well as bonus rounds on the reels or second screen. Usually all 5-reel slots have bonuses, however 3-reel slots can also have bonus features.

Bonus slots are today as popular as progressives due to the high chances of winning. You can choose the slots with the maximum number of bonuses.

5-reel "Money Shot" Slots by VegasTech

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i-Slots are exclusive slot games that have been deve­loped by the Rival software provider. They stand out from the rest with animated images, and often stories and plots that occur over several rounds. All i-Slots are 5-reel games which feature interesting bonuses that differ from game to game. There are also a series of i-Slot games based on the same theme.

The number of symbols and paylines at i-Slots can be higher than at traditional 5-reel video slots.

5-reel "Psychedelic Sixties" Slots by Rival

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