Craps Probabilities and Craps Odds: Low House Edge Bets

When you play online craps it is vitally important to know the odds of each dice combination being rolled. The craps odds paid to us, probability of our winning and the house edge is all important in how successful we will be at Craps. If you’re determined to win, it’s important to know all about the odds, it will increase your chance to play better.

Rolling 7 is the highest possibility in craps. In fact, 7 will come out six times on every 36 rolls so your chance to throw this number is 6/36 (5:1 or 16.67%). Two and twelve is the most unlikely roll as it comes only once on every 36 rolls.

Dice Outcome Odds:

Predicted Dice Outcome Probability
2 1/36 or 2.78%
3 2/36 or 5.56%
4 3/36 or 8.33%
5 4/36 or 11.11%
6 5/36 or 13.89%
7 6/36 or 16.67%
8 5/36 or 13.89%
9 4/36 or 11.11%
10 3/36 or 8.33%
11 2/36 or 5.56%
12 1/36 or 2.78%

Beginning and novice players alike should make an attempt to learn the numbers behind craps odds to improve their chances of becoming a better player.

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