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06 Aug 2009
Pachisuro - Japanese Slots

It's no surprise that slots, as the most popular gambling game at online and land casinos, has the biggest number of variations. Sure, just go to any casino both in Vegas or online and you will see lines and lines of slot machines of different types. In this article we are going to talk about Japanese slots - Pachisuro.

The game is said to come from another Japanese game called pachinko. The game machine is controlled by the IC chip. The player has to pass 6 levels, each of which providing different odds for a "777". The result of the machine may vary from 90% to 150% or even 200%.

Although, these machines are according to what they say, put there to collect money and not to pay out anything, while there may be machines with good payouts attracting players.

The National Police Association (NPA) states the standard rules for all the slot machines which makes them so alike. Standard Japanese slots according to these rules must have 3 reels, a button to stop them, 15 coins per play, the max bet up to 3 coins and the credit meter must not exceed 50. This may at first seem to be too small, however, there are special bonuses which make the game very interesting.

The "Regular Bonus" being up to 110 coins, the "Big Bonus" - from 400 to 711 coins. Most of the machines have special winning videos that make each payout extraordinary.

In addition to these, most of the machines have special features like "Stock", "Renchan", and Tenjou.

The player can keep the money he won at the machine to collect it later and play in expectation of bonus rounds. Moreover, players can be informed of the intervals between bonus payouts and can keep on playing until he gets the payout. This may remind you of a legend about hot and cold American slot machines. Unlike in the US, where there are no facts proving this, in Japan, a player that lots a lot on one machine may consider it as a sign that this machine is to payout in the nearest time. There is a special term "hyenas" used for those players, that watch for hot machines. This is very good for the casino, as the player who knows the machine is going to payout will bet until he gets it even if he loses all.

This fact is not very pleasant for players, and to eliminate this, a new regulation is viewed to control the amount of payouts. However, this is just a project.

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