Play And Run Slots Strategy

30 July 2009

Let's take a look at one of a few slots strategies dealing with betting limits. This is Play and Run strategy that can be used at any type of slot machine.

Common Play and Run strategy suggests playing 20 spins on each machine
Common Play and Run strategy suggests
playing 20 spins on each machine

Play and Run slots strategy is a lot like Chicken strategy, however it differs in some aspects. Just like in Chicken strategy, player plays some time at one machine and then moves to the next neverminding the result.

Two most important points in Play and run strategy are Naked Pulls and Loss Limits. Naked pulls stand for number of losing spins and indicates the time to move on to the next machine. Loss limit is a percentage of bankroll the player decides to spent on one slot machine. The player decides on the naked pulls and the loss limit before he starts playing.

This strategy is mostly preferred by players with low bankroll. If this is your case, then choose the number of machines, the money you can lose on each and number of losing spins and go for low min bets machines.

Most common Play and run rules advise playing 20 spins on each machine and run to the next if it does not bring money. Each win starts a new track of 20 spins.

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