Chambersburg Huge Lottery Jackpot Won

06 Aug 2009

Barbara Jeanette, from Chambersburg, won $395,686.50 on July 27, 5 drawing. Lucky lady had one of the two winning tickets that win a share of the $791,373 jackpot.

Jeanette buys a ticket every day at the Earl's Market in State Line on her way to work. She did it this day, and stopped to check if her ticket was a winner though she was late to work. Jeanette sure did not regret about that.

According to Jeanette, when the scanned ticket said 'Congratulations, you're a winner,', she thought she won $2. Instead, it popped up saying '$395,000'. The manager offered her a chair as she was shaking. However she asked him to check the ticket again.

Together with her husband, Louis, a mechanic for a defense contractor, Jeanette is planning to use the money to retire early.

Joe Lesko, the owner of the shop said it was the first time anyone has won such a big amount on a lottery in his shop. Indeed, the odds of winning this jackpot are almost 1 in a million - 1 in 962,598. Players may pick five of 43 numbers or choose for a computer quick pick. Jeanette's ticket was a quick pick.

Joe Lesko received a special bonus of $500 for selling the winning ticket.

Jeanette says she is definitely going to go on playing the lottery.

By the way, the second winning ticket, bought in Washington County, has yet to be claimed.

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