NCPG carries out an awareness raising campaign

15 Mar 2010
NCPG carries out an awareness raising campaign

The National Council on Problem Gambling in order to increase the level of gambling addiction awareness declared a Problem Gambling Awareness Week.

What is a problem gambling? Usually gamblers do not preoccupy to give an answer to this question as nobody wants to admit he has a problem. Problem gambling is a sharp desire to gamble in spite of the harmful effect or a need to stop.

Established in 1957, GA "is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from a gambling problem."

We can here thousands of stories that sound like this: John used to play cards a lot, at first it was just a pastime but then things got out of control. He had to steal, lie, and cheat to get money to play cards again.

When he became really obsessed and felt that things just can't go on like this he tried to stop and joined Gamblers Anonymous. Now things are much better and he is wins his life back. This is the story of all members of GA.

Gambling addicts differ from other addicts by the ability to hide their ruinous habit from others and refrain from getting help.

Now GA and other similar organizations try to conduct awareness raising campaigns like visiting public schools, colleges, government agencies distributing educational materials about gambling addiction.

To tell more about compulsive gambling and encourage the afflicted to ask for help the National Council on Problem Gambling announced that March 7 through 13 is a Problem Gambling Awareness Week. The campaign is intended to provide a support system giving out informational material.

According to the research data 6 to 9 million Americans are compulsive gamblers but only a small part of them turn to special organizations and seek treatment.

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