How to Tell if Someone is a Problem Gambler?

16 Oct 2009

The worst thing about gaming is the probability of getting an addiction to gambling. Here we will help you determine whether you or anyone you know should consult a specialist for help.

To determine whether you or anyone you know is a pathological gambler or is about to become one, we provide a list of the most likely symptoms. If you can say yes to any three points, you should consult a problem gaming association in your country or consult a doctor to find the ways to cure yourself. We will be talking about different methods of getting out of problem gaming in the next articles.

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

  • Preoccupation. The person often or constantly thinks about their past, future or fantasy gambling experiences.
  • Escape. Gambling is used as a way of escaping problems or improving your mood.
  • Lying. The person lies to their family, friends and even therapists about the time and money they spends on gambling.
  • Withdrawal. All attempts to cease and reduce gambling are met with irritation and nervousness.
  • Tolerance or Rush. Just like with of drug tolerance, the person needs a higher and higher "dose" of gambling, and a higher and higher bet.
  • Loss of control. After an attempt to quit gambling the person starts playing again.
  • Bailout. The person asks for money to gamble from family, their friends or any other third party.
  • Illegal acts. These acts include theft, fraud and anything else involved to recover gambling losses and obtain money to gamble.
  • Chasing. When suffering a big loss, the person tries to win the money back by gambling more.
  • Risk of relationship. The gambler continues the games even when risking a significant relationship or job or any other important opportunity.

These symptoms are Internationally recognized as the basic principles for determining a gambling addiction.

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