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Gamblers Have Big Hopes for Obama

27 Jan 2009
On Tuesday, 20th of January, Las Vegas fell in silence for the moment of Barack Obama inauguration as the 44th President of the United States. All the dealers, players and viewers at the local ca...

The Number of Players at Las Vegas Casinos Has Decreased

27 Dec 2008
Winter time has always been considered as the best time for tourists to visit Las Vegas, the heart of gambling. But compared to the previous years the number of players and tourists visiting Las ...

Christmas Holidays in Atlantic City

06 Dec 2008
A new tendency toward increases of advertising has affected all the spheres as a result of global economic crisis. Gambling industry also successfully uses advertising to attract customers. In ge...

New Statjack Game

30 Nov 2008
A new variation of online blackjack known as the Statjack was initially launched as an experiment but it has already attracted many players and Statjack claims to become one of the favorite card ...

Colorado Instead of Las Vegas?

22 Nov 2008
Competition is probably the last thing that can be beneficial in case of bankrupt. This statement could be true for Las Vegas. After the Democratic Elections in the USA it was decided to prolong ...

Blackjack Slots

10 Nov 2008
The high demand always causes the supply growth irrespective of the kind of goods. Thus new technologies in casino equipment are introduced every day. All the innovations are aimed to attract mor...

Blackjack for Students

09 Nov 2008
Most casino games are social kinds of entertainment which means that gambling is not only the possibility to escape routine but also a perfect way to learn to communicate with other people and ma...

New Blackjack Version Introduced

20 Oct 2008
To meet the tastes and demands of those blackjack fans who want to try something new many casinos start offering more and more possibilities. At one of the US land casinos a new version of blackj...

Robin Hood in Blackjack

14 Oct 2008
Robin Hood 702, as he calls himself, is a real hero of our days. This is a real person, a high-stakes blackjack player, who has been often noticed winning and losing much at Las Vegas casinos. Ho...

5 Players and Dealer Accused of Cheating at Casino

11 Oct 2008
At all times gamblers tried to reveal the secret of most popular card games and invent methods to beat the casino. Many different winning strategies and tactics were created for this purpose, but...
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